About Little Tigers



Kids Colouring a Little Tigers Cheetah Poster

Little Tigers was created to help parents find that guilt-free, personal time.

Little Tigers was founded in the midst of the pandemic lockdown, when there was a lot of time at home together and we were desperate for activities to keep the young ones occupied! The large colouring posters served a great purpose then, and we knew we were onto something special. We learned during the pandemic that balance in life is key! Now we use the posters for a way to connect, to teach, to learn, and to have fun. 

Connect with colouring

Whether you are homeschooling or not, having a large poster to colour together is a great way to reconnect with your kids. They are a wonderful supplement to all curriculums, and you might find that they are great after a long day when you need kids entertained while you make dinner, or to keep a crowd entertained while you have a dinner party. Or maybe you are celebrating a special occasion and want a custom option, or perhaps it's just something new and fun to do. Little Tigers colouring posters are great to have on hand. 

The different themes found at Little Tigers promote fun and learning with accurate representations and cool facts. The art nourishes your child’s creativity and helps to fine tune their motor skills. The large size of the poster encourages your child to move around and approach their goal from different angles. Hang it in the window afterwards and show the neighbourhood! Your kids will be proud to show off their art!  

Having this colouring activity for your children that inspires learning and creativity is the sweet relief (away from screens) you’ve been searching for.  So go ahead and book that zoom meeting, read that book, take that shower (we encourage it!)  – and give your little tigers the creative outlet that will allow their imagination to run wild!

If the challenges of 2020/2021 have taught us anything, it’s that we need to have a healthy balance of time apart so we can love our time together. Little Tigers was created to help nurture that balance.


Founder and Creative Director - Gillian Lowry 

Little Tigers was created by artist & mother of two, Gillian Lowry. She struggled to find material that would promote fun learning for her children, especially during the pandemic lockdown and homeschooling, that could be completed independently. She needed a screen-free activity that could teach a lesson and give her the chance to do her own thing (for a few minutes at least!). Using her artistic skills and desire to incorporate lessons on the natural world, Gillian created the images and added in the facts using fun fonts, and then enlisted a local printer to help bring them to life. 

While the kids may be back in school, Gillian continues to find this a valuable activity, and is constantly creating new work to keep up with the colouring appetite of her voracious little tigers! 

Giving it to her kids was relative to feeding meat to little tigers. You put it down and back away slowly, slowly... quietly tip toe away- do not disturb them! 

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